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No prior experience is necessary to become a fantastic player. Some of us came to roller derby having very athletic backgrounds, while others came never having stepped foot in a gym (or even skates!). All have the opportunity to succeed at their own pace.

Our training has three levels/stages:

  1. Newbie Training: All skaters start in Newbie training. These sessions start with the basics (learning to skate, proper derby stance, stopping, falling, endurance, etc.).
  2. Contact Training: Once you are stable and proficient in the minimum skills, you will move up to contact training. In contact practice, you will learn to properly give and receive hits and whips, start to learn to work as a team on the track, and start to learn the fundamentals of the game.
  3. Scrimmage Training: Once you are safe and stable on your skates and pass the written WFTDA rules test, minimum skills evaluation, and are able to meet the physical demands, you will move up to scrimmage practices. In scrimmage practices you will learn strategy, play scenarios, and actually start scrimmaging. Scrimmage eligible skaters are also able to bout.


Gear Loaner Program

We realize that the initial investment in gear can be difficult, so we are now offering a gear loaner program to our new skaters! This is a low risk/low cost way to join the league and make sure you love it before you buy your own gear (though we can pretty much guarantee you will love it!) Borrowed gear must be returned after 60 days. Sizes are limited and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. We want everyone to have the chance to see how amazing roller derby can be!

Thank you to our generous sponsors!


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