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What is Roller Derby?

Flat track roller derby is a fast-paced, full-contact team sport played on eight wheels. Modern roller derby requires not only skating ability and speed, but also gameplay strategy, teamwork, and athleticism on quad skates. Since 2001, flat track derby has quickly spread, encompassing more than 400 leagues worldwide, including eight leagues present in Maine as of 2015. Central Maine Derby is proud to be a part of growing the sport and to be fulfilling a need for adult recreation and community involvement in the greater Bangor area.

How is Roller Derby Played?

A roller derby game is made up of two 30-minute periods.  Each period consists of an unlimited number of jams which last up to two minutes each.  During each jam, five players from each team are on the track: four blockers and one jammer, who scores points and is identified by the star on her helmet cover. The blockers at the front of each pack are called pivots and wear a helmet cover with a stripe on it.

When the first whistle is blown, the players start skating. The blockers from both teams must work together to try to stop the other team’s jammer from getting through while simultaneously helping their own jammer get through. 

The first jammer to make it through the pack without earning a penalty is called the lead jammer. The lead jammer may call off the jam at any time before the two minutes is up by placing her hands on her hips.

The jammer scores one point for each opposing blocker she passes after her first pass through the pack. Skaters may use their shoulders, torso, hips and butt to block or hit other skaters. Using hands, forearms, feet or elbows are not allowed. Penalties can be called for this or other illegal actions, like hitting an opponent’s back, hitting a player in an illegal area (above the neck or below the upper-thigh), cutting the track, or other illegal procedures.

Major penalties put a skater in the penalty box for 30 seconds. After seven major penalties, a player is no longer allowed on the track. 

Roller derby is a real sport with real contact. Our players train hard and spend many long hours on skates to learn how to play safely and learn the rules of the game. We learn how to work as a team to give and take hard hits and keep skating.

In modern roller derby, there is: nothing staged or faked – no elbows, punching, hair pulling or tripping.

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